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SavingAmerica.com is the next generation collaboration platform, providing users a robust set of tools to not only start, but ultimately plan and organize their Campaigns and Events!


Whether for personal fundraising or for a group cause, raise money to make a difference.


Recruit people, resources, or support to help solve a problem.


Lead the cause that you believe in.

Communicate & Schedule

Effectively keep in touch with eveyone helping to accomplish your goal.

Organize & Manage

Complete control over all the campaigns and events you create.

Our platform offers a feature-rich campaign management system that is superior to other crowdfunding sites.

Just imagine what we could do if we worked together. Millions of Americans are hurting and millions of people want to help. We can’t just rely on the people in Washington DC to rescue America from our divide. We the people have to be the change that America so desperately needs. Our greatest power is within us.

The people have the power. Not the people in power. We are inviting Americans to join together to unite and help one another. Be a Hero for America.

Start something. Do something. Help someone. America needs US.

Courtney Jones, CEO of

Meet the Team

Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones is a serial American entrepreneur, long interested in discovering new and better ways to communicate.

Courtney was Co-founder and Chairman of FindWhat.com, a pay-per click search engine founded in 1998, many years before Google embraced the business model.

FindWhat.com became the world’s first publicly traded Internet company on the NASDAQ to ever post a profit – before Yahoo, Amazon or AOL. As Co-Founder and Chairman, he led FindWhat.com to become the 7th fastest technology company in North America from 1998-2003, growing to a nearly $1 billion market cap.

Courtney was an early investor in RadioIO, a pioneering Internet radio company, and has owned internationally acclaimed radio stations. Along with John Barnes and University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, Courtney was co-owner of Panther Racing, an Indy Racing Team sponsored by the National Guard. As an IndyCar team owner, Courtney met with thousands of soldiers and worked alongside Medal of Honor recipients on programs to empower veterans seeking employment.

SavingAmerica.com is Courtney’s newest and grandest project: a superior crowdfunding platform, that combines the exponential technologies of crowd sourcing with event and volunteer coordination to unleash the energy of the American spirit.

Jason Hervey

Jason was born April 6th, 1972 in Los Angeles, California. At the age 4, Jason began his career appearing in over 250 commercials for some of America’s favorite brands. Before long, his visibility from the various commercials lead him to several appearances in some of television’s most notable shows. He also appeared in cameo roles in some of pop culture’s biggest feature films, such as Back to The Future, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Back To School, Monster Squad, Police Academy 2, Meatballs 2, and Tim Burtons Franken-weenie.

After appearing for two seasons in Different Strokes, and half a dozen other pilots and short lived series, Jason landed the role of Wayne Arnold in the Emmy Award-winning, Smithsonian Museum inducted, hit series “The Wonder Years”. From this platform and experience Jason was able to leverage opportunities behind the camera as he began a career in producing.

His first producing project was at the age of 17 whereby Jason created, starred in and produced 26 episodes of the Saturday morning series “Wide World of Kids”. After 6 seasons and 29 Emmy Nominations for “The Wonder Years”, Jason partnered with former Sony of America CEO Peter Guber in Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment, (MSAE). While at Mandalay Jason spearheaded a partnership with Time Warner’s “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW) which yielded 17 original productions in television, home video and Pay Per View, an original soundtrack with Tommy Boy records and 4 television movies for TBS and TNT, including one of the highest rated TV movies in the history of basic cable.

After more than 5 years at Mandalay and growing that division, Jason had a short lived stint as a Chief Marketing Officer at a Fortune 500 company, then returned to his roots in the entertainment business by partnering with long-time friend, colleague and former President of Time Warner’s “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW) Eric Bischoff. Together they formed Bischoff Hervey Entertainment (BHE TV, LLC). Bischoff Hervey Entertainment is represented by CAA, specializes in the creation and production of scripted and unscripted television for various broadcast and cable outlets, as well as licensing and merchandising initiatives & innovative brand integration opportunities. You can follow Jason on Twitter, @JasonHervey.

Brian Smith

Brian has been a business leader for over 20 years, making a difference in every project he touches. While his entrepreneurial nature has taken him into many successful ventures including: Beer Distributing; Real Estate Development; Recycling and Mobile Marketing; his passion for people and quality of life guide his everyday existence. He is a consummate strategist, mentor and leader and a huge asset to the Saving America team.

Adam Temple

It was almost by accident that I fell into the software industry back in 2002. Fresh out of college, I went back to work with the intentions of helping my folks start a new business. It needed to go online quickly, so I picked up programming, and made it all happen. Strangely the business turned into the multi-million-dollar media website, SermonSpice.

Assuming business was always going to be easy for me, I set out to form my own company, one year after my eldest son was born. I hired numerous developers, firms and freelancers for many years, but couldn’t find a company that met my specific needs: fair price and high quality. So, that’s what I decided to start!

In 2008 we officially launched Bixly and the venture took off. Customers stuck around and our head count continued to grow year after year. Bixly Inc continues to be a thriving company to this day, and a huge accomplishment for me and my business partners.

I met Courtney in 2014, and immediately we hit it off. We started sharing ideas about our current business ventures, and these ideas turns into deeper conversations. Conversations turned into a partnership and from that partnership, the new Saving America was born. This project is many years in the making, and we are so excited to see Saving America not only change the landscape of online fundraising but also group organization and event planning.

Nick Wortley

The first time I tried programming, I remember working all day, into the night, then out to the next morning. I was so completely absorbed by the task at hand, that I completely lost track of time. Seeing what I could do with a computer and then realizing there was so much information yet to absorb, was invigorating. From that day forward, I knew I wanted to be a programmer and make a difference with the code I built.

In 2006 I began interning at SermonSpice, met Adam and built a solid relationship with him and his family. After working together only a short time, Adam and I knew we wanted to start a company together. We branched out to build Bixly in 2008, and things took off from there.

Since the beginning, my role has been that of the technical consult and optimizer. I’m always trying to streamline and improve our processes, which in turn has allowed me to have an active role in pushing the company to new and better places. Along with optimization has come growth and expansion with our partnerships, also allowing me to play a key role in the development of the Saving America platform and relationship with their team.

Building on the accomplishments of yesterday along with the goals of tomorrow has not only made this a rewarding job, but ultimately made the projects we work on thrive. I want everyone to know about the talented team we’ve assembled, and continue to push our programmers, designers, and admin staff to build bigger and better applications for America.

Cris Venegas

Starting college with an Engineering degree I decided to mix things up at the eleventh hour. Senior year and right before finishing my degree, I decided to switch to a Liberal Studies major, and become a teacher instead. Being involved in the lives of people is what mattered most to me and realized this.

Completing my Degree and moving forward to the Credential Program, I quickly realized I was a “Jack of All Trades” and could do anything I set my mind to. So, halfway through the first semester of the credential program I realized that although I loved imparting knowledge, I did not need to teach at a school, but rather be a teacher in the broader sense of the word, where ever I chose to go in life.

My work history has included but is not limited to: Substitute Teacher, Manager at Starbucks Coffee Company, Specialist at Apple Inc., Production Assistant for a local video production company, Jr High Youth Pastor, Gardener, and a variety of other odds and ends jobs. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of these experiences, all for different reasons.

In 2009 I was working three jobs, and making a life for myself and my lovely wife Briana. Is was during that time when Adam approached me about working with him at Bixly. My title has changed from Project Manager to General Manager, to Head of Operations, and now Chief Account Manager. The different roles within the company have been as diverse as my past work history, yet is some way always kept me in touch with people and imparting knowledge to them.

Recently I've worked heavily with the team to make Saving America a reality. For this, I am truly blessed. I have poured the better part of 2 years into working on iterations of this project, and am so excited to finally see it come alive. Please enjoy our site and I look forward to seeing how America uses the gem that we have created. We have great plans for Saving America, and hope you decide to come along for this journey.

You are the voice of America.

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