Star Protector Risks Safety Guarding Trump's Star

"Star Protector" campaign-Created by- Michael Cohen, Scott Baio and Jason Hervey

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Created by Michael Cohen

Hollywood, California | Created on 11/14/2016 | Charity

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A homeless woman now known as the "Star Protector" risked her personal safety and was physically and verbally assaulted, when she used her body as a human shield to guard President Donald Trumps's "Star" on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame

Regardless of your political beliefs, we are all Americans and need to respect our fellow citizens even when there beliefs are different than ours. For most of us, we are blessed with a roof over our head, shielding us from the weather, as well as certain people looking to harm others. This woman unfortunately does not have this same safety and security. Reflect on your blessings, and let's unite to create some order in her life, and help a women who selflessly gave of herself when no one else would.

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Please share this campaign with all your friends, family and co workers to help get the word out. Use facebook and twitter or any other form of communication and social media to maximize your efforts and help make the biggest difference and impact on this deserving woman's life. You can make a difference, let your voice be heard
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