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Imagine getting a $100 tip where you work just before Christmas.. Be part of it!

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Created by Jason Asselin

Iron Mountain, Michigan | Created on 11/15/2016 | Community

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Last year I raised and gave away $400 to unsuspecting people in the city where I live. This Christmas I would like to surpass that amount and give away even more. I think going into businesses and tipping these low income workers will boost their ego up and help their family too.

See these videos from last year:

Surprising Waitress w/ $100

Tipping $200 at Coffee Drive Up

Tipping Pizza Dude $100

This isn't a blind donation, you'll see your gift put to good use via youtube! Just like the previous 3 videos, I'll film and record these gifts for all to see.. Everyone should experience this gift once in their lifetime. Why give? You don't have to, but instead go out right now and GIVE the $100 to an unsuspecting person!

Game Plan

Last year I stayed within the city I live, leaving my options pretty simple. Should I raise this amount or even more, I plan on visiting more cities in upper Michigan to spread the wealth. You can follow me on facebook here too! Let live this experience together and share the wealth of giving!
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