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You Fed Me began in 2004 with as a few small families trying to make a difference in their community. These family stumbled across the realization that food pantries and soup kitchens are in serious need of real protein or "meat" for their guests every day. As a response to this need, You Fed Me as organization was started, and a cause was born. Our mission is to feed the hungry of Kansas City with real Kansas City style Bar-B-Que. Much like the Bar-B-Que that you would enjoy at a picnic with your family, we want to offer this to anyone that is in need. So, a few times a year we take on the task of providing a real Bar-B-Que meal for a different non-profit organization in Kansas City. In the past You Fed Me has been able to feed people, clean facilities, reorganize warehouses, etc. through such organizations as Avenue of Life, Hope Faith, City Union Mission, Hope House, Ronald McDonald House and the Morning Glory Cafe to name a few. When feeding a group of people, we want to ensure everyone is completely full when we leave. Full bellies are often difficult to come by when you are truly hungry. Through feeding the hungry we have further opportunity to connect people in the suburbs with those in the city. We can work with these people, and help those with real needs, get plugged into further community service efforts. Today, we have over 50 volunteers, and an 18 foot pull behind Grill that we bring on-site when cooking. We are excited to extend our efforts further in 2017 and hope you can be a part of making a difference in Kansas City, a community that means so much to us. 100% of all of the money received from your donation will go to food, supplies and the efforts needed to prepare meals for the hungry. Help us by donating your dollars and become a part of an in person event. We have plenty of opportunities to both serve or supply items needed to make our events a success. Check out our Upcoming Events and see how you too can feed the hungry in Kansas City.

Game Plan

Each time we feed a group of people it costs us roughly $1.50 per person. This is incredibly inexpensive, and feeds an individual each a plate full of Bar-B-Que, sides, dessert, and a drink. Our Goal for raising $25,000 this year will be to feed those that we've always fed, and then many more after that. We simply cannot fulfill the current requests received every month, even though the cost is so low. Through your generous donations, we can reach a much larger portion of our city and in hope continue onward from there. Thank you for your support of You Fed Me, and know that you in turn will be blessed for the donations you make.  
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