Avenue of Life: Annual Fundraiser 2017

Equip families, so they can actively mobilize change within their community

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It is our mission to mobilize the community, so they equip and empower low-income individuals and families to be self-sustaining and independent. By giving the power back to them, it becomes less of a "hand out" and more of an empowerment opportunity.

The vision for Avenue of Life is to become a catalyst for transformation in our community by breaking the cycle of poverty through community development, collaborative partnerships, and wrap-around services.

Game Plan

We are looking to raise $1,600,000 this year, to sustain the ongoing efforts of daily operation. This money will go to help the efforts of such events as Impact Wednesday, Mattress Recycling, Neighborhood Revitalization, and our Intern Program.  

By continuing to fund community development, collaborative partnerships, and wrap-around services within our community, we know we can reach our goal. Be part of our story by donating to Avenue of Life, or take part in one of our many Events.
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