Into the Jordan Safe House

Fund a safe house for sex-trafficking victims seeking rehabilitation and aide

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Created by Christie Jones

Fort Myers | Created on 11/9/2016 | Community

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This campaign is centered around community-based aide for sexual trafficking within our area. Sexual trafficking is a prevelant concern around the world, but specifically in our community. We want to build community awareness andĀ support to help those who have been affected and create a safer tomorrow for women.

Game Plan

My goal is to raise awareness and support for victims within our community of sexual trafficking. Our community is one of unity and support, but without knowledge of these pressing causes we cannot ban together. Sexual trafficking is a foremost issue throughout the world, but especially within our area, so we must come together to help women who are affected by this and work towards the elimination of sexual trafficking. By contributing to this campaign, you are providing a safe house to these victims and their children, most of which are homeless, and funding their future. With funding, support, and awareness, these women can receive the counseling, child-care, job-training, and education opportunitiesĀ that they deserve.
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Cris Venegas

Nov. 11, 2016, 3:40 p.m.

Amazing Ministry Opportunity

Hey Christie. I believe in what you are doing and thank the Lord for people like you. People that are stepping out in faith and being a voice and a help to these women. I hope you raise the funds needed and pray that God continues to bless the work of this ministry.

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