Tips for Success

1. Avoid stolen or poor quality photos

The first thing many people do when checking the validity of a campaign is run the campaign photo through a reverse image search or at minimum Google Search. As easy as it is for a scammer to steal a photo, it is often just that simple for anyone to find a photo with 10 second search.

When choosing a photo for your campaign, avoid photos taken with old cameras or with low image resolution. Find the highest and clearest quality image. A picture is often the first thing people are drawn to when browsing new Campaigns.

2. There is such a thing as "too much information"

It is estimated that medical related fundraisers raised over $100 million across various crowdfunding sites last year. This is an ever-growing category as healthcare costs continue to rise, and people find that staying healthy is often hard to do.

However, since medical issues can be very personal, it is often tricky to find the balance between letting people know what's going on, and describing things in grotesque detail. Be genuine in your explanation and courteous of the pictures you post.

3. Never blame others for your problems

Maybe you had a terrible divorce. You were abandoned at a key time in your life, or maybe something happened that defines how you view the world. Remember, past circumstances shape who we currently are but not who you have to be.

Take responsibility for the choices you've made in your life. There's nothing wrong with saying "I've made some bad choices and they brought me to where I am today. I'm working on being a better person and just need a little help in the meantime."

Most people would much rather help someone aspiring to be better, than help someone who blames everyone else.

4. Never bully people into donating

If you're involved in making a difference in the world, you have a worthy cause. Just like someone raising money to feed the homeless, or rescue animals in need, we all have a place. We are free as human beings to put our time, effort, and money into causes which move our individual hearts.

Some people donate to animals. Others donate to sick kids or perhaps give of their time serving at the local soup kitchen. As we ask for help, we're in no position to strong-arm others into helping our cause. Especially because we think it is "more" worthy that any other cause. Make your case and let everyone else make their own decision.

5. Don't steal or compete with someone else's campaign

If you have new ideas to add to the mix, then by all means, create a campaign. Otherwise take part in the movement that is already happening and help someone else reach their goal.

6. Be truthful and never embellish your story

Whether you or someone you love is facing homelessness, battling cancer, or trying to save for a car, your story is enough. There's no need to embellish or make things seem worse than they truly are.

Often you will see long rambling campaigns, outlining every horrible thing that has happened. Just cover the basics. Trust people, and believe in your cause.

7. Stay engaged with your cause

To succeed in online fundraising, whether it be long term or just a quick campaign, you need to stay engaged. If you want people to help, give them a reason to continually care. Simply posting your campaign and then waiting will not work. Update and nurture it. Campaign don't succeed on autopilot.

Try regularly sending your followers an update donations. Add new photos or post a comment of how your week is going. People like to help people. So be personable.

8. Crowdfunding is not your personal ATM

You're mistaken if you think online fundraising is a bank where you can withdraw money at any time for any reason. You know what causes matter, so trust that others will as well.

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